Newcastle School Portraits is a family owned and operated business in the Hunter region. In 1990 a young energetic 18 year old Peter Field established a photography business. Running around the Hunter football fields taking team photos, his passion and dedication to his photography shone through and a business was born.

Today we are the largest local, independently owned photography business in the Hunter region. We provide everything from photography to photo production, we are proud of the fact we produce all prints our prints in house at our Broadmeadow studio. Peter has the passion and dedication to his photography as the day he began and has built a team who reflect these same values, ensuring a quality experience every time.

We employ local people keeping employment in the hunter. Employing mostly Mums and Dads who understand that school photos of their children are irreplaceable memories, our professional photographers know just how important it is to “Capture the Memories”. This is why we spend time with each individual child. striving to capture that perfect smile every time.


Photographs are incredibly important keepsakes that families treasure forever. Every parent remembers as a child, visiting the grandparents house when the shoebox of treasured photographs would draw us right back to our school days. In today’s digital world our photos are often embedded deep in our phones and computers, having printed photographs gives us the opportunity to engage with our precious memories, and when the grandchildren come to visit us, the memories and stories come alive.

Peter Field
Managing Director

We strive to be environment friendly

At Newcastle School Portraits we’re mindful of the world we will leave to our children, we try whenever possible to minimise our environmental impact. 

With this as a priority, we;

  • We are commitment to recycling as much as possible and striving to minimise waste.
  • We use environmentally friendly packaging, preferring recyclable materials over traditional plastics.
  • We use Digital inkjet printing. Which produces no heavy metals, reduces consumption of water and is low carbon emissions.
  • Were minimise our carbon footprint by opting for local supplies wherever possible.
  • Our office is equipped with solar panels, generating the vast majority of our power requirements.